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Ebola Virus - The Irony Of Biological Warfare

Ebola virus The Irony Of Biological Warfare
Ebola virus is a type of Virus which can be very dangerous to humans and primates alike. In fact it is known best for causing haemorrhagic fever in humans and animals. Ebola virus is being intricately researched upon by various research agencies and hospitals in all over the world. Ebola virus is in fact being considered to be one of the threatening bio terrorism weapons of contemporary times.

As a biological threat

Today’s age is an age of terrorist threats. There are many different weapons in the hands of these terrorists which they use to threaten and destroy countries and most importantly people. This virus, having a long list of diseases and viral infection symptoms can prove to be a deadly biological threat. In fact in contemporary times, biological threat is considered to be just more harmful and more deadly than any nuclear threats. What is to be remembered is that flu symptoms are the best way to detect any viral infection symptoms. In any normal cases fever is said to be the symptom of a viral attack. Similarly, if a country is under threat and flu symptoms develop, it is always better to go for a check up to recognise if there has been a biological attack on the country or not.

Researches Undertaken

This is one of the major reasons that the list of diseases caused by this virus is being broken up and research is taking place in different research centres all over the world in order to find an antidote to this virus. The viral infection symptoms are also closely looked into in case there is a remedy in the problem itself. Various conferences and meetings are held every year where great minds discuss this list of diseases, and flu symptoms caused by Ebola virus in order to be clear about each other’s research and to get all the recent information that one has got to know about lessening the effects of the virus.


Thus, to conclude one can say that Ebola virus is proving to be a deadly virus in terms of biological threats in recent times. Many undercover groups are actually researching on the effects of mass release of such virus. Like science has two faces, here too, a group is trying to destroy mankind using this science and another group is trying to save the world from its harmful effects. It is only a matter of time before the world see’s which group wins.
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