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Algeria Airlines AH5017 Crashes

Algeria Airlines AH5017 Crashes
The Algeria news today is completely filled with stories of the unfortunate accident of the Algerian airlines AH5017.This particular Algerian airlines is said to have fallen from a terrible height of thirty thousand feet above Mali due to a violent storm in the region. Algerian news today depicts that though the common reason is stated to be a storm if there are any other hidden reasons it has yet not been found out. The hidden reasons obviously point towards any untoward terrorist attack on this Algerian airlines. Although, air Algeria on the other hand sticks to the story of a violent storm .

Plight Of Passengers

It has been declared in the Algeria news today that out of the hundred ten passengers and six flight attendants who were on board not even one is estimated to have survived the crash. The Algeria Airlines met an ill fate while it was flying over Mali. Though, two black boxes have been recovered till date, no other reason than a simple storm is debated upon. Air Algeria is yet to recover all of the wreckage and damage that has been caused due to the crashing of this Algeria airlines. It was said that a British gentleman as well as a French Family with three of its generations were travelling via this plane. Unfortunately, none survived.

Air Crashes in contemporary times

Aeroplane crashes like Algeria airlines has become all the more frequent in contemporary times. One may like to blame it on weather but is it always the weather which is responsible or somewhere the pilots too are is another question which is being continuously debated upon. Many other airline companies, like air Algeria is increasingly debating over the many crashes which take place each year. Whether this is a fault with the technicality, or the pilot and ground authorities or the overseeing authorities miscalculations or an irresponsible mistake on grounds of air traffic control only further research would detect.

Terrorism and air Crashes

Another interesting thing to note is the increased air terrorism. Terrorists are targeting airplanes and trying to increase a sense of fear and trauma in the hearts of the people of the world. His is a heinous act and adheres to global terrorism where innocent people are mass killed without any way of contacting for help or emergency.
Thus, flight crashes are though unfortunate incidents, there might be other strategies and masterminds behind it.
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