Trip to Arctic Circle - Iqaluit in Nunavut

Nunavut Culture Trip to Arctic Circle Iqaluit in Nunavut
Nunavut, once part of northwest Canada, declared the independence of all who in April 1999 and became a new autonomous region in Canada. It is regulated by the local Inuit. Most parts of the high latitudes Nunavut in the Arctic Circle. And, of course, is the dominant climate of the Arctic climate. Although the days of last winter long summer days are short, is very rich in natural resources and minerals finding aids,

such as iron, copper and other rare metals. There is a wide variety of marine life, polar bears, caribou and other arctic animals, due to its proximity to the Arctic Ocean.

The capital of the autonomous region of Nunavut Iqaluit, meaning "many, many fish" in the Inuit language. Iqaluit is the capital of Nunavut, and is also the fastest growing and busiest city. Iqaluit is the capital and the smallest capital of Canada. However, it plays an important role in the transport center. Nunavut Iqaluit is closely related to other states. The population is about 8000 Iqaluit, Inuit is at most 60% of the total population. Altitude as Iqaluit to say that it`s not on the Arctic Circle. The city is growing faster and active and it’s also the smallest of Canada's capital. But also plays a very important role as a transportation hub.

Nunavut autonomous region is closely linked to other Canadian provinces. There is a population of about 8,000 in Iqaluit, dominated mainly by the Inuit occupied 60% of the total population. Although the width of Iqaluit is high, it is not within the Arctic Circle. However, the remaining time is polar climate.

The winter is cold and long, cool and briefly during the summer. As for Iqaluit, the summer is the peak season with many tourists who come their eyes on the northern Canadian landscape festival. Iqaluit is an isolated island, with Quebec, Quebec has not connect, so if you want to Iqaluit main traffic Tool is flat and the boat after the summer break and the ice age. There are mainly two flights are Air Canada and First Air. You can take the first, if you are in Ottawa and the second when you are in Montreal. If you had lived in Montreal, you must know the price level in Montreal.

One thing that was very sensitive to Iqaluit, the large number of children was everywhere. Nunavut has a very young population with 56% under 25 years saw many Inuit mothers wearing traditional Inuit parkas with large hoods in the back.
Currently only 25% of high school graduates, however as a major challenge for the Government of Nunavut Inuit encourage children to stay in school. On my second trip, there came darkness for a few hours a day, so it was very strange to convert the city to 22 hours in the evening with ubiquitous light. Also around that time, there were a lot of young Inuit children play outside.

The residents were Inuit and non-Inuit similar very friendly. I have the impression of a tight community because of the isolation of the Canadian Arctic. But they also very open to visitors and are willing to share a bit of your life. During the day I had some Inuit carver who worked outside the home. Each turned off their power saws when I click on them and seemed happy to talk to me. I met most of them late at night, when they showed me their finished works of Inuit art.

There are guided tours offered by local outfitters to see the northern animals and experience some of the arctic tundra far. I hope that you take one of these trips on the next future visit. A trip to Nunavut is not cheap in everything, including flights are so expensive. But I'm sure not only for more Inuit art, but also to experience more of the Nunavut culture and the Arctic Inuit land.
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