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How to Avoid Google Sandbox

When you create new website you possibly want to attract a lot of traffic to visit it very soon. There are lots of ways how to achieve this target. One is SEO(search engine optimization). If you focus on this you should be very careful to avoid Google sandbox. In this article you will learn how to avoid it.

The Google Sandbox is the hold area which contains domains which Google raises a red flag against. When a domain is placed in the Sandbox it does not receive a ranking in the search engine, it's content does not get crawled by Google's spiders and the website's indexed pages get placed into a supplemental index. Getting sandboxed is one of the nightmare occurrences for webmasters and online traders.

1) Before building links make sure you have at least 3 pages of unique content with 1,000+ words on your site.

2) Make sure you contain a privacy policy and contact details in your site and it should be easily noticeable. Google prefer to rank sites higher which have declared policies.

How to avoid Google sandbox

3) To start on a new site, doing a press release is one of the best things, you can get clean backlinks from authority sites, try a press release service that has a PR7+ domain, then you will place your link inside their valuable domain. Links from high authority sites act as stabilizers for your ranking. Google prefers these links as they think it has passed a human filter, and a PR7 or high rank news site wouldn't keep any links to a spam site.

4) At first, don't build too many links targeting a high search volume keyword. It will always indicate an obvious operation for traffic. Build up a list of at least 10 related keywords, then start by randomly building links to the lower traffic keywords first and continue on your main high traffic keywords.

5) Try to send traffic as much as possible to your site at the same time of building numerous links, Google use Alexa rankings in verifying page reputation, thus it looks unnatural if you acquire 1,000 links and your site has had less than 100 visitors, make an effort doing some ads or a free offers or something to drive traffic.

6) Try and get links that are surrounded by 100% unique relevant content. Google is launching strategies against link farms, but don’t forget that they don’t say not to create links so long it's in tandem with unique content generation, Google is always demanding for further new content, the more content it has in it's index the more options it has to show users for more search queries.

7) Try adding some high authority links, the links on the actual pages which are having high page rank, these are the most powerful links you can get and will definitely drive your rankings above any other.
You can't get de-indexed for link building. If that was the method how this is done, no site would be there on Google. So keep your traffic increasing rate in a well organized manner, as it’s the best option you got in this war with Google.
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